Custom POS systems for the way you want to do business

Get an affordable, easy-to-use Point of Sale hardware and software that will help you become more efficient and profitable. We have assisted food purveyors in the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond by configuring their systems strategically to increase their control, profits, efficiency and exploit new markets. Our Point of Sale solutions are designed for the restaurant, hospitality, and retail industry. Furthermore, we take it one step further and tailor it to your business needs and budget.

We attempt to provide you a hardware and software solution that is of high quality and readily adaptable, giving you the flexibility to grow your system as your business grows.

On-site Installation & Setup
• Delivery of the POS hardware to customer site.
• Installation of the POS system and connecting all the peripherals.
• Verifying full functionality of attached devices (Printers, Scanners, Pole Display, MSR, Cash Drawer and Scales).
• Backup configuration for the database.

On-site System Training
• Operational and management training for users & managers on the main functions of the software at the customer site.
• Availability on-site for 6 Hrs to assist in opening, closing and instant program and menu modification and troubleshooting.

Network Configuration
• Connecting the POS system to the LAN (Local Area Network).
• Installing remote access software on POS stations.
• Configuring the local router for remote access.
• Configuring Network devices attached, such as printers or scanners.
• Configuring TCP/IP and securing the network.
• Configuring the Wireless Access Point if requested.

System & Menu Programming
• Customizing the Menu Options.
• Customizing the Menu Modifiers.
• Importing Inventory Items from text files.
• Configuring Users / Employees / Tables.
• Setting up of Dining Areas, Departments or Categories.
• Configuring Gift Cards, Employee Cards, Customer Loyalty Cards.
• Any customization requested by client.

Annual Support Contract
• Extended hardware and software service for the system purchased.
• 1 On-site Emergency incident per system included.
• 52 Remote incidents by phone / remote access support included.
• Modifications to the POS software needed, or questions thereafter for 1 year from the signing of the contract.
• Standard and Extended support hours to accommodate our clients are available.
• Remote Support to every terminal in your site allows us to troubleshoot problems and resolve issues in less than 15 minutes.

QuickBooks Integration & Site Integration
• Integrate POS transactions such as Sales, Inventory, and Accounts Receivable into QuickBooks,
• Integrate Daily summaries of multiple sites into a central database for Central Office reporting.

Credit Card Processing
• We offer credit card processing service with aggressive and competitive rates. Online availability to all transaction posting for audit and verification.
• EDC (Electronic Data Capture) Software allows for a seamless integration between the system’s MSR (Credit Card Reader) the Point of Sale Software and the processing platform. It provides encrypted transactions over TCP/IP that is PCI Compliant. Transactions are approved in less than 5 seconds allowing for a faster checkout. End of day batches are posted automatically without user interaction.
• External Credit Card Terminals are available if the site chooses not to use integrated processing or DSL authorization.
• DSL Failover feature. If the Internet / DSL line is down, the site is able to process credit cards over an analog line without loss of business.

Gift Cards Program
• We also offer a free Gift Card processing that is integrated in the Software and interfaces with the MSR.
• Three program choices available. Local per site, Local for multiple sites and Online.

Online Ordering
• Duplicate your POS Menu over the Web. You can integrate an Online Ordering website into your existing website and reaching out to more customers.
• Reduce the customer wait line at busy hours. Orders arrive 20–30 minutes before pickup
• Eliminate phone orders during lunch hours by directing callers to your website.
• Orders are prepaid by the customer over the web. A history of customer previous orders is maintained for quicker order entry • Online Orders print directly to your kitchen without your interaction.
• Collect a database of your customer’s emails and use that to promote more sales and specials.
• Use online coupons to promote your business at checkout time.
• Affordable unlimited transaction monthly fee for maintaining the site.

Web Development
• We can assist you in developing Online Presence by working with choice Graphic and Web designers.
• We can integrate your Online Ordering site into your existing website for a reasonable fee.

On-site Installation & Setup
On-site System Training
Network Configuration
System & Menu Programming
Annual Support Contract
QuickBooks & Site Integration
Credit Card Processing
Gift Cards
Online Ordering
Web Development
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