Custom POS systems for the way you want to do business

Get an affordable, easy-to-use point of sale hardware and software that will help you be more profitable. We have helped clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond by strategically configuring systems to increase profits and tap into new markets. Our point of sale solutions are not only designed for the restaurant, hospitality, and retail industry, but also we take it one step further and tailor it to your business needs and budget.

You can expect your software and hardware solution from us to be high quality and highly adaptable, so as your business grows, we can easilty expand your POS system.

The POS provider that offers you more for your money
Not only do we offer our clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond 24/7 support, we also offer all our restaurant, hospitality, and retail clients the ability to monitor their businesses virtually with a high-speed Internet connection. Enjoy point of sale support and virtual monitoring 24/7. Click here to read about our custom point of sale service.

PC Workstation POS solutions
The TechPOS® | Touch Monitor is designed specifically for touch applications, and sits on a sturdy base and is sealed against spills. It has built-in self-powered USB ports that allow additional devices to be integrated neatly, without extra cables or power supplies. Add-on devices include magnetic card readers, barcode slot readers, fingerprint readers, and rear customer displays. Click here to read about our custom PC Workstation POS solutions.

All-in-one POS solutions
The TechPOS® | All-in-One solutons are complete touch POS terminals, incorporated with an Intel Pentium IV processor, whitch delivers greater for daily operations. The TechPOS All-in-One series delivers an excellent interactive interface to help cashier work smarter. Thanks for the fanless technology, they provide stable and reliable performance whitch feature usability improvement and minimize downtime in your application. Click here to read about our custom All-in-one POS solutions.

A System That Offers More for Your Money
Get the best Restaurant POS Hardware and Software that's customized for you.Be more hospitable and increase profits. Get the tools you need to manage every aspect of your restaurant. Choose from affordable, top-quality products, configuring a system to do what you want, including reporting, customer reward programs, touch system terminals employee labor tracking, gift cards, system security, and theft prevention. Click here to read what our customers say about our custom restaurant solutions. Our point of sale hardware and software solutions are not only designed for the restaurant and hospitality, they are also configured specifically for your business. So you will get a hospitality point of sale system that fits your business and your budget. Click here to read about our custom A System That Offers More for Your Money.

Handheld POS solutions
Enjoy the freedom and increased profits of a handheld point of sale system. With a wireless solution, you wait staff can place orders at the table as well as process credits cards, giving you the ability to turn tables 10 to 15 minutes faster, on average. With the right wireless point of sale system, you will increase the speed that orders get processed from table service to takeout, making your restaurant or hospitality venue more profitable. By making the ordering system more efficient, your staff can focus more on your customers and improve their overall experience. Click here to read about our custom Handheld POS solutions.

Your Total POS & Management Software Solution
Whether your current restaurant system is paper based or another POS software solution, Aldelo For Restaurants software is the ideal software to replace your current system, and give you much better control and efficiency! With 100% touch screen operated point of sales, super easy to follow screen layouts, and the simplicity of Windows based interface, your wait staff will be able to use the software in a matter of minutes, rather than days, saving you time and money. Aldelo Restaurant Software is also affordable enough for even the small restaurant operators. Whether you have a small single store establishment, or a chain of restaurants, we have the solution that will help you run your restaurants much more efficiently than any other competing products. Our software is 100% multi-lingual, and it will show the screen interfaces in your staff's preferred language. It can also be configured so that it will send the order to the kitchen or bar in a different language than the guest receipt! Aldelo For Restaurants is the only restaurant software solution that you will need for now and for the future. Click here to read about our custom Your Total POS & Management Software Solution .

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